Magazine Printing in EU (Tallinn, Estonia)


Magazine printing is our bread and butter. Due to our extensive expertise in magazine printing, we have clients from all over Europe – Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany. And we've done jobs for clients in places as far aways as China, South Africa, and St. Barths in the Caribbean.

We are always ready for new magazine printing projects. Special logistical concerns, unusual post-press or other unorthodox requirements? We'll be happy to help you meet them.

Long run magazine printing is usually done on heatset web offset that offers the benefits of speed and economy at high volumes, as well as glossier and more saturated inks; allows using of lighter paper grades and produces folded sheets that are immediately ready for the bindery. For short run printing, we're back to sheetfed presses, which means losing some of the benefits like being able to print on very light stock. But what we won't lose is quality - the finished product will be practically identical regardless of the type of press.

A rule of thumb about which press is optimal:

*  Short run printing in sheetfed;

*  Long run printing in heatset web offset;

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